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Greenhouse Homes Canada

Renewable, Regenerative, Remarkable!


Good Ideas Made "Gooder"

Greenhouse Homes Canada exists to introduce Canadians to a better and alternative way to live and build.

Good for the planet,

Good for the economy...

Good for you!

Net Positive Housing

Our buildings are designed to create more energy than they consume making a positive contribution


We don’t like any thing that wastes time and continue to challenge ourselves to eliminate waste

Collaboritive Philosophy

We invite stakeholders that make our products and processes better and more efficient and strive to solve housing problems in the private and public arena.

Building Smart Homes & Communities


High Performance Building

Collaboration is key to accelerate adoption of new & innovative technology in the ways we live. We bring experts together and challenge them to build better homes & buildings that are more cost efficient and deliver a positive energy footprint recognized as world-class.

Greenhouse Homes Canada exists to introduce Canadians to a better way to live and build.

Our partner architects, building engineers and energy experts have taken a great idea and made it greater!

The new benchmark in quality of life? We think so.

Our Partners

dpai architecture is a values-driven design studio from Hamilton, taking a context-first approach to design. Aligned with GreenHouse Homes Canada, dpai is committed to the vision of creating healthy and affordable alternatives to the way homes are built and sold.

We are optimistic that through design, we can help to shape more sustainable and fulfilling communities where we can


There is no future in the past!

We continue to push the envelope when it comes to smart building systems and delivery practices. If its possible to make something faster, cheaper yet better it will get our attention. A 5 Star Customer Rating is the starting point for every project. We don’t move forward until we know we can deliver to our customers expectations.

We believe A Promise Made is a Promise Kept!

The Schilthuis name stands for hard work, quality, fairness and family. A family owned company, Schilthuis is completely committed to take on any kind of sustainable building that we can get involved in. Our experience with Passive House now spans six multi-residential projects, from new construction to renovation and reuse, stick framed to total precast.

We’re proactive, positive participants at every stage of the project, ensuring all targets are achieved, while keeping a budget and timeline.
We are confident in the countless benefits ahead for sustainable construction and the direction that Greenhouse Homes Canada is taking the future of our buildings.

If our name is on it, our heart is in it.

WestX is proud to be part of the Greenhouse Homes Canada team as the civil engineers.

We bring our expertise in site grading and stormwater management to each project. WestX uses innovative solutions to meet the clients desires while mimicking the natural environment.

“GreenHouse Homes Canada is paving the way for a sustainable future and I’m honoured that it’s a part of mine” J.D.

Be Part of the Solution!

The Council for Canadian Urbanism are a team of professionals dedicated to making our policy makers aware that we urgently require more progressive and creative approaches in order to become more successful, sustainable, creative, livable, healthy & resilient.

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